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Introducing the Radical Tour EX Raw, a cutting-edge Paddle designed for players seeking unparalleled performance and comfort. With its distinctive elongated handle for powerful two-handed backhands and Raw Carbon Hitting Surface for a comfortable feel and superior grip, this Paddle blends innovation with timeless artistry. Crafted with precision and finesse, the Radical Tour EX Raw is not just a Paddle but an extension of your playing style. Its sleek design and advanced engineering make it a standout choice for those who demand excellence.

Step onto the court with confidence, as the Radical Tour EX Raw redefines your game. Whether dominating the baseline or delivering powerful serves, this Paddle offers an immersive and rewarding experience. Elevate your performance, embrace innovation, and conquer the court with the Radical Tour EX Raw, where groundbreaking design meets the timeless thrill of your game.


  • RAW CARBON HITTING SURFACE: The paddle is meticulously crafted with a composite structure that incorporates raw carbon fibers. These fibers are strategically layered and interwoven, creating a matrix that optimizes strength, stiffness, and responsiveness. The choice of raw carbon ensures a fine balance between durability and agility. The key breakthrough lies in the ability of raw carbon to facilitate a "controlled spin" mechanism. When the ball impacts the paddle's surface, the raw carbon fibers provide a unique interaction. The inherent stiffness of the carbon fibers allows for a controlled flex, enabling the ball to dwell longer on the paddle's face.

  • HST (HANDLE STABILIZER TECHNOLOGY): This technology likely focuses on enhancing the stability of the handle, which is crucial for a player's control and feel during gameplay. Stability in the handle can contribute to better shot accuracy and overall performance. Stability is crucial for precise shot-making. The technology likely incorporates design elements or materials that enhance the overall stability of the handle, reducing unwanted vibrations and ensuring a more controlled response to the player's movements.

  • COMFORT GRIP SYSTEM: Vibration can be a discomfort for players, especially in sports that involve impact with a ball or other objects. The Comfort Grip System aims to dampen or reduce these vibrations, enhancing the feel and control that the player has over the equipment. The ultimate goal of the Comfort Grip System is to provide the player with an enhanced level of comfort, contributing to improved playability. This could include better control, reduced fatigue, and an overall more enjoyable experience on the court or field

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