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EyeShield Elite - Protective Sports Glasses for Squash/ Pickleball and Tennis

EyeShield Elite - Protective Sports Glasses for Squash/ Pickleball and Tennis

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Introducing Dr. B's EyeShield – your ultimate solution for comprehensive eye protection and enhanced athletic performance. Whether you're on the tennis court, squash court, pickleball field, or at the shooting range, these glasses are designed to meet the demands of various sports, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

Experience superior protection with Dr. B's EyeShield, meticulously crafted to offer a high-quality, general-purpose eyewear solution. Its excellent design provides a large and wide field of vision, coupled with easy length adjustments and soft nose pads to deliver complete protection for your eyes.


Lens Material: PC Clear.
Frame Material: Nylon.
Filter: 2C-1.2 UV / Zero Power.
Impact Resistance: 45 m/s.
Optical class: 1.
Field of Vision: Large and wider to enhance your peripheral view.
Comfort: Soft nose pads provide a comfortable fit and protect against slipping.
Adjustability: Easy length adjustments for a customized fit.
Protection: Completely covers the eye to offer better protection.
Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistance: Ensures a clear, unobstructed view during the most intense activities.
UV Protection: Shields your eyes from harmful UV rays.
Stylish Design: Modern and sleek, complementing any athletic wear.

General Purpose: Ideal for various sports including tennis, squash, pickleball, and shooting.
Dr. B's EyeShield conforms to EN: 166, ensuring it meets the highest standards of safety and quality.

Add value to your sporting life with Dr. B's EyeShield – the perfect amalgamation of style, comfort, and protection. Don't compromise on your eye safety; choose Dr. B's EyeShield and see the difference it makes in your athletic pursuits.
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