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GAMMA Dart Pickleball Paddle Specifications :

  • Weight : 7.4 ounces
  • Hitting Surface : Fiberglass
  • Grip Size : 4-1/8"
  • Grip : GAMMA Honeycomb
  • Grip Length : 4 3/4 "
  • Paddle Length : 15 5/8 ”
  • Paddle Width : 7 1/2"
  • Paddle Thickness : 1/2“
  • Core Material : Poly Core

GAMMA Dart Pickleball Paddle Description :

The Dart Pickleball Paddle is one of our newer paddles and is perfectly defined by its name. When a larger paddle face feels like it bogs you down, this 7.4oz lightweight paddle will enhance your game with quick and sharp hand speed. Similar to the Twister, the Dart is slightly less rounded in the corners, granting you a more playable surface area on your paddle while allowing it to maintain the same weight and pop.

The Dart features a textured composite paddle face fused to GAMMA Sensa Poly Core. The signature GAMMA Honeycomb Cushion Grip is featured on the Dart, as is the case with all of GAMMA premium paddles, creating the perfect connection between player and paddle.

GAMMA Dart Pickleball Paddle Technology :

SENSA Poly Core Paddle Construction : GAMMA SENSA Poly Core paddles built in line with contemporary pickleball paddle construction trends provide a balance of touch and power. Similar to the NEUCORE line of paddles, paddle face and shape provide options to match the paddle to your style of play. These paddles are great for all levels of play.

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